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I walked from the Riverside Museum to Kelvingrove, though I could have hopped on the bus again.  The Art Gallery and Museum is a work of art in itself:

P1110587mod (800x495)

The entrance hall was even noisier than Riverside, and for the same reason, compounded by the fact it is a café.  It reminded me strongly of the Bristol City Museum which uses its similar entrance hall for a similar purpose.

P1110589 (800x600)

I had never heard of the Glasgow Boys, but was delighted to make their acquaintance in a gallery all of their own.  Here is some of their work which particularly caught my eye. (Photography is permitted in the gallery’s own collections.)

P1110590mod (800x683)

Early Summer on the Seine, c 1904, Macaulay Stevenson

P1110593mod (800x566)

Brig o’Turk, 1882, George Henry

P1110595tors (800x553)

A Funeral Service in the Highlands, 1881-82, James Guthrie

P1110599mod (800x584)

Head of the Holy Loch, 1882, George Henry

P1110601tors (800x594)

Stirling Station, 1882, William Kennedy

Moving on, I was amused to see a poster about the Utility Furniture promoted during World War 2.  My parents married in 1939 and furnished their first home on this.  I still have the bookcase featured back left!

P1110603 (800x600)

Here are some more works in the Gallery which particularly pleased me.

P1110606tors (800x465)

P1110607tors (800x424)

P1110608 (600x800)

P1110612tors (800x600)

Windows in the West, 1993, Avril Paton

P1110614tors (800x595)

Hampstead Heath, about 1830, John Constable

P1110623tors (800x577)

View of Glasgow and the Cathedral, about 1840, John Adam Plimmer Houston

P1110625 (800x600)

The label says ‘Pot of Life, 2005, designed by Lucky Oboh,’ but I can’t make who cast it.

P1110626mod (721x800)

Motherless, about 1889, George Lawson

This one is apparently a favourite with many visitors.