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Late afternoon and into dusk on Sunday afternoon, into the safari truck again. We were making for a specific spot, and en route saw birds new to us, and old friends:

P1130750 (800x600)

Green ibis, as if green were not already my favourite colour

P1130758 (800x536)

Chestnut-eared aracari

P1130767 (800x591)

Caracara (not to be confused with the large rodent, the Capybara – we saw both every day)

P1130774 (800x504)

The Rufescent tiger heron again

P1130780 (800x431)

The stunning Vermilion flycatcher

P1130794 (800x526)

Toco toucan


P1130817 (800x582)

and Black-collared hawks

Then we parked, silent, at a respectful distance from a pool where animals were known to come to drink – on the other side – as darkness fell.  Thanks to just a moderately good camera, and a little computer-aided lifting (but, promise, no distortion), I am pleased to be able to record for my future reminiscing, most of the creatures we saw there in the gathering gloom.

P1130831 (800x556)

Amazon kingfisher

P1130866 (800x559)

Capuchin monkey

P1130873 (800x577)

P1130885 (800x548)

Two toco toucans

P1130895 (800x583)

The extraordinary Giant anteater, about 2 metres from snout (to the left!) to tail

P1130910 (800x567)

P1130929 (800x536)

Bare-faced curassow

P1130942 (800x584)


On the way back it was dark, and we saw, ‘lamped’,

P1130956 (800x585)

a better view of a tapir

P1130964 (800x529)

…and the ‘cutest’ young Capybara – so far.