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Sketch number one: A great black-hawk retrieving a fishP1160733001 P1160739001 P1160740001 P1160741001 P1160742001 P1160743001 P1160744001 P1160745001Sketch number two: White-faced whistling ducks.  Yes, I know they don’t seem to have white faces.  Must be the light, or the season, or something.P1160751001Sketch number three: A Cocoi heron retrieving a fish P1160829001 P1160831001 P1160832001 P1160833001 P1160834001 P1160835001 P1160836001 P1160837001 P1160838001The hawk used its talons, the heron its beak.

Sketch number four:  the line on the trees shows how high the waters rise in the wet season, perhaps 8 feet or so.P1160845001

Yes, the fish were thrown by the boatmen.  But this video, again by Dave Allen, has no artifice.  It is of that gorgeous male Capped heron we saw courting the other day.

This video doesn’t exist