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As ever, I did not do the before breakfast walk, but I did join the party for a morning stroll in two kinds of forest, and then, via the lodge, into the open grassland.  I joined the party, yes, but most of the party fell away, leaving just Dave, Pete myself and the two naturalists to continue.  Why this mass desertion?  It had rained again overnight, and the forests were thick with mozzies and other bitey things. Really unpleasant for some.  I had Deeted, covered myself thoroughly, and had a cloth to used as a horse uses its tail. But I really enjoyed myself.

Join me, just looking around, usually not knowing what I was seeing, and clicking away at anything pretty.  You are spared the insects.P1160924001 P1160925001 P1160927001 P1160933001 P1160934001 P1160936001 P1160937001

Capuchin monkey

Capuchin monkey

P1160953001 P1160974001 P1160984001 P1160992001 P1160993001 P1160994001 P1160996001 P1170001001

?Hornero and nest

Rufous hornero nest and ?owner

Mrs Dave joined us for the last part of our walk, in the grassland.P1170036001001




?Saffron finches

Saffron finches

?Fork-tailed flycatcher

Fork-tailed flycatcher

P1170007001001 P1170010001001

Brown-chested martin

Brown-chested martin


Silver-beaked tanager


Greyish saltator

P1170029001001 P1170030001001 P1170033001001 P1170034001001

Marsh deer

Marsh deer

P1170038001001 P1170040001001



? Plumbeous ibis

Ibis, probably Green

Yes, I really enjoyed those strolls.  The mozzies were only really bad for the first half-hour or so.

Here’s Dave Allen’s video of that Caiman lizard we saw the first day, eating a large snail (the lizard that is, not Dave).