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Next door to the Heavenly Path Art Gallery058.P1170493is a totally conventional shop, The Curtain Pole, selling and making curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. 059.P1170495I especially wanted to do this series of blogs now, because this shop always does wonderful windows at Christmas. Here are those of 2015, rather obscured by condensation and reflections,060.P1170497 061.P1170498and later, with young visitors.061.P1170506Nearly at the top of the High Street are Arcanacadabra,062.P1170499Kashi,062.P1170500 063.P1170510and somewhere that somehow I have failed to visit so far!064.P1170501Wandering back down the High Street again, I pick up our large organic, etc, store,065.P1170507then ‘get real’066.P1170519 067.P1170525 069.P1170527and a shop which totally epitomises Glastonbury, simply called Crystals.070.P1170528 071.P1170530 073.P1170534 074.P1170536I believe that Gothic Image, yet another bookshop, is one of the oldest alternative shops in Glastonbury. Certainly they have been running ‘tours to ancient and sacred sites since 1980’.  You can learn more about many of these places from their websites.075.P1170554 076.P1170556I think this is wonderful!077.P1170557Back in the Market Place, I pass Happy Glastonbury,078.P1170588 079.P1170589and, nearly back to my garage in Benedict Street, I realise that I hadn’t caught the tattoo ‘studio’ on my way out.  Even though it’s actually double this width.081.P1170598Never a dull moment in Glastonbury!