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Monday morning, February 22nd, was too wet for anyone to go trekking – so I just wandered around taking pictures of my immediate surroundings.



But it cleared up in the afternoon, and we had a much less exhausting trek than the day before, this time keeping to beaten tracks, and enjoyed standing around watching a few chimps – a young one was particularly co-operative as far as pictures were concerned, building a nest high up in a palm tree, and then swinging across to other vegetation – and butterflies.  Hitherto, throughout the trip it had been very frustrating to see many more beautiful and diverse butterflies than I have ever seen in one region in my life, but not to be able to taken pictures of them. Now, no doubt because we were on foot and not confined to jeeps, it was possible to look at them at leisure – especially when one of them decided that my sweat was good to drink. It stayed there for a good ten minutes.



A very noisy cricket


Porcupine quill



Do not be fooled by the zoom.  This is at least twenty metres up.


The final goal of our trek was a waterfall which Jane and the locals used to regard as sacred, though this view has changed since water has been taken from it for local everyday use.


(Concluded next time)