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USA 2018 (9) Old Faithful! Monday 19th February was the very best day for me on the Yellowstone adventure, in terms of experiences. Masses of snow on the ground, none falling, Old Faithful, clear skies for much of the time, excellent wildlife sightings, and I had the privilege of being in the seat beside the driver all day. We were not due to leave until 10 a.m., but baggage had to be outside our rooms for collection by 7 a.m., so there was no chance of a lie-in.  I chose not to go out for a group walk at 8.00 a.m., so was able to enjoy a somewhat more leisurely breakfast than usual. I heard a rumour that Old Faithful was due to blow next at around 9.00.  (Formal predictions don’t start until a little later in the day.) I was planning to go out for a little walk on my own before departure, so my destination was clear.


Quietly steaming away


False alarm

Around 9.15, she did blow.P1290725001P1290729001P1290730001 I tried a couple of videos.


P1290736001I’ve since read that the difference between the temperature of the emerging steam and that of the ambient atmosphere on a really cold day can be some 115 deg C/240 deg F.

I dawdled back to Snow Lodge.P1290739001P1290742001P1290744001


A snow plough had cleared a broad path – the bank seen here came almost up to my waist.

P1290749001 We shortly set off in our Sprinter, a yellow one this time. (All our vehicles were Sprinters; they were just adapted for different road conditions.)P1290911001 Maximum speed allowed: 25 mph, but we were able to do considerably less for most of the time – all the better for enjoying the views.


The eye can disregard the smoked glass of the windscreen, the camera does not lie.



Bison enjoying the steam/water vapour – I am reminded of the picture at the Museum in Jackson Hole.



Snowmobiles and a Bombadier, the predecessor of our snowcoaches

P1290800001 Some had seen bison on their walk earlier in the morning.  I saw my first on this drive.P1290806001


Some found their faces menacing.  I thought they were lovely and gentle – though it was safer to take these pictures through a wound-down window!  The animals were just feet away.

P1290815001P1290822001 This video shows one of them using its strong neck muscles to shovel the snow out of the way with its muzzle to reach the vegetation.


It’s only 11.30. Such a full day still to come!