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I took up bridge some 18 months ago. And as a result found myself at RHS Rosemoor, North Devon, yesterday, with four new friends. Strange how things work.

Anyway, I took dozens and dozens of photos, and had a very difficult time reducing them even to the large number here, many more than I would normally put in one post. In fact I resisted taking photos to begin with, but I knew that one regular reader adores astrantia, so this, seen quite early on, was for him. P1320733That set the rot in, and I was clicking away once we got to the Queen Mother rose garden, and I didn’t stop for the rest of the day.  P1320737001P1320740001P1320741001P1320747001P1320753001P1320755001P1320759001P1320762001P1320763001P1320765001P1320768001P1320769001


There were not just roses in the rose gardens.

The shrub rose garden came next.  P1320782001P1320784001P1320789001P1320791001P1320793001P1320796001P1320797001There we took a rest.


Gill, Trisha, Daphne, Venetia, Beth

P1320802001P1320805001P1320807001P1320813001P1320815001P1320818001P1320823001I would have died happy after that, but there was much, much more to see.P1320827001P1320869001P1320830001P1320831001P1320839001P1320842001P1320843001I tried to comfort this poor old scarecrow.20180615_141458001We did sit discreetly observing a wedding party at one point, though of course I did not take any photos of it. However five females had a great time airing their views on the wedding garb, of which, on the whole, we approved. P1320853001P1320854001P1320855001P1320856001P1320873001P1320849001P1320858001P1320859001P1320861001P1320871001P1320875001P1320863001P1320864001P1320867001P1320874001Finally, and to finish on a rose theme, here is one from my own garden of which I’m particularly fond.  Even this I can’t name because it was here before I arrived.P1320876001