This is how many were with us in London today, marching for a People’s Vote. I met up with two friends from Somerset to take part in only my second demonstration ever, so strongly do I feel that we should be given the chance to express our views again, now that the facts are so much better known. Here is a selection of the photographs I  took, most of them in Park Lane, since it took us about 2 hours 20 minutes to get from Marble Arch to Hyde Park Corner, so many people were taking part. (Some of these pictures are not in quite the right order. Right now I don’t have the facilities of my home computer to correct things on.)P1000636P1000663Police helicopters accompanied the route, but on the ground the police were very discreet.P1000630Jean and Liz,  my Somerset companions. Many more Somersetters were there, but we did not see any of them.P1000657P1000665P1000685I did not take photos of smutty or ad hominem placards – with this very mild exception!P1000659P1000695P1000679P1000699P1000696P1000702P1000731P1000705P1000706After well over two hours we emerged from Park Lane, the starting point,  into Piccadilly. P1000707P1000741P1000713P1000736P1000734P1000738

When we got to Trafalgar Square, via St James’s Street and Pall Mall, after about four hours, we decided to to go into the National Gallery for a cup of tea, because this was the view down Whitehall, a solid, unmoving block of people. The speeches in Parliament Square were meant to have started over an hour previously, so we had missed most of them and had no hope of hearing any remaining.P1000748P1000752View from the National Gallery cafe. While there we looked to see what the BBC was saying about the march, and I was delighted to see that they were featuring the best placard I saw, ‘Eton Mess’. P1000758P1000756


We completed the march afterwards. Most people were walking back up Whitehall, but some were still partying


H M Treasury where I worked aeons ago. I was actually in the Europe section on the day we joined, 1.1.73.


The Houses of Parliament, barely recognisable


Very proud and very happy to have taken part.