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As I walked back to my room at Mokuti Lodge for a rest after lunch, I felt uncomfortable, not for the last time, to see lawn-watering going on for the pleasure of tourists, in a country so afflicted by drought.

In due course, we went out for our late afternoon drive.

Blacksmith lapwings, impala, and the only elephant who visited this watering hole while we were there.
… Though more elephants were hanging around at a distance when we arrived, facing in both directions, and took some time to move off. It was as if they couldn’t decide whether to come closer. (I refrain from making current political analogies.)
Marabou stork and White-backed vulture
The vulture (which is tagged) does not seem bothered by the giraffe passing behind it.
A grey heron lords it over the blacksmith lapwings
I don’t think you can have too much of giraffes.
Pied avocets. (It’s not for nothing that in French the avocet is ‘Avocette élégante.)
Grey-headed gulls

We moved on – as I recollect to a sewage works.

The Marsh terrapin hangs his legs out to air the rest of his body, as I see it.

As we drove back to the lodge, I tried to capture some of the termite mounds which were to be seen almost everywhere.

These korhaans started a lekking display but moved off into the privacy (?) of the bushes so we were unable to observe it. Pity!
A kudu in our way
Burchell’s sandgrouse
Double-banded courser
The weather threatened…
… and came to nothing. Tawny eagle.
But still kept threatening. Pale chanting goshawk.

We spent our second night at Mokuti Lodge, to move on the next day.