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Friday 1st March, late afternoon cruise on the Okavango River, upstream from Mahangu Lodge. For the most part we hugged the opposite bank, which I think formed part of the national park.

As we move off, we look over to the lodge and its double-decker boat. We’re on the single decker one.
Disappearing bushbuck
Malachite kingfisher, with prey
Great white egret
This very large elephant seemed extremely angry as he ripped up the grass. Anthropomorphism on my part, no doubt.
Little egret
Egyptian geese
African jacana
What a difference in light when I swing my camera to the opposite bank.
Squacco heron
White-fronted bee-eater
On the other bank, two go-away-birds
Ayre’s Hawk-eagle
Little bee-eater and White-fronted bee-eater
Little bee-eater
African jacana
Staring out at us, a juvenile Black-crowned night-heron
African Fish-eagle
Malachite kingfisher
People were very excited to see this, an ‘uncommon resident’, a White-backed Night-heron.
The light was falling, and the boat hastened us back to the lodge. My camera had difficulty with the light level as I pointed it at these hippos, …
… and at my colleagues as they relaxed after a fascinating couple of hours. Time to look at photos rather than take them.