I’m fortunate to have a country lane at the end of my road, and it makes a nice 40-minute walk there and back to a main road. Outward yesterday I only took one picture, but on the way back I decided to capture a variety of views of Glastonbury Tor.

The one photo I took going out was of these ponies. The previous time I had been by they had been well-spaced in the field. This time they looked so sad, and I imagined that they were feeling deprived of human company, though I was sure that they were being well fed and watered. I stood and talked to them for five minutes.

On my way back though, a young lady was leading two more ponies back into the field. I told her – at a distance – of my romantic notion. She said that the three had indeed been eagerly waiting at the gate – but for their two companions to be returned. And indeed, I could see the joy of the three as all five gambolled (is that a good word for ponies?) off around the field together. Apparently, their lives haven’t changed a jot since lockdown, and their carers are working just as before. So what do I know about equine behaviour?

My first view of the Tor was taken from the deserted main road at the far point of my walk.

Now having turned round, these views are all to my right:

But my next picture was not of the Tor. I was entranced by this scene and stood and watched for a short while.

Zooming a little led me to think there were figures at he top of the Tor, which is on National Trust land.

Yup. It was probably quite blowy up there.

I wouldn’t be tempted to go up the Tor because the way up is, sadly, all concreted and lots of steps now, and passing people would bring one too close to those going in the other direction. (Quite apart from the fact that I puff a lot when I make the effort!)

I also admired the sky – which is often covered in contrails.

I did want a picture of the JCB, and if I wanted the Tor as well I had to put up with the building.

Where my road joins the lane there is a public park.

It remained just to take the Tor from the one corner of my garden where I can see it – when there aren’t too many leaves on the trees.

What are those white blobs?

It’s difficult to imagine what else there remains to write about right now…