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I’ve written about the music course under the auspices of the Gloucestershire Academy of Music that I was on a couple of weeks ago. I’ve written about the funny turn I had while there. Here are the pictures of the gardens I visited on Monday’s afternoon off.

Cerney House is just a couple of miles down the road from Rendcomb College, where the course was taking place. It belongs to the Angus family. I spend a happy hour or so wandering, with the aid of a loaned printed guide, around the large walled garden and it several ‘rooms’, and then out into the parkland to the side and front of the house.

Entrance to walled garden on the left
Up into the medicinal plant garden, with it many suggested cures.
This is just part of it.
Some labels were on slate, some on board, with explanations.
And out again
Part of the Potting Shed Shop. I didn’t buy anything, since it would be several days before I would be home.
Orange, purple and green offset each other so well.
Out of the walled garden into the parkland
This was an extraordinary tree, fallen clearly many years ago, and still flourishing.
A romantic glimpse of the house
Mildred and an uninvited guest

Mildred is very old and recently lost her husband, Frank. She is glad of the company of three other ducks. The notice saying so didn’t say what she thought of the squirrel.

Ice house

A proud peacock (butterfly) right by my parked car.

A delightful break from the noisy course!