Given the problems on the railways at present, Mary’s train from London was only 15 minutes late. I had a coffee over the road from Bath Spa station to wait for her. We retrieved my car from the expensive car park there, and I was relieved that I hadn’t been ‘done’ for parking – I think and accidentally anyway – in a disabled space. We drove – more hold-ups, this time for traffic – to this National Trust property in south Gloucestershire. I had visited Dyrham Park several years previously, but could remember nothing of it, except that there was a long walk down to the main house.

There and at another refreshment place Mary and I spent a long time just sitting and talking, over lunch and two beverage breaks. At at one stage went for what was noted as the shortest of the suggested walks around the grounds, though we weren’t sure where it started despite the plan given us, and seem to have taken a long way round at one stage because one path had been blocked off. Beautiful views all around, in weather which was kind, given that the forecast had been for potential heavy showers. We ran out of time to visit the house. I didn’t take many pictures.

Halfway down the long walk down to the house.
The sun went in ….
… and out.
Funny how the brain corrects for ‘torsion’ but the camera reports what it sees.
A 30-inch/75-cm …er …woodmouse? Rabbit with broken ears?
The furthest horizon is the Mendip Hills.
One of many beautiful trees…here modelled by Mary.
The gate to the formal gardens was locked. Only later did I realise that it was probably because we had found ourselves outside the property as part of our detour.
Taken between the railings

Once home, I thought I would remind myself of my previous visit. What a contrast – you’d scarcely have thought it was the same place! (The house is yet to be done – another seven years?)