After some 30 years working in H M Treasury (the British Ministry of Finances and the Economy), in classical music administration, in personnel management for a well-known retailer, and in the probation service, I moved to France, where I finished my working life teaching English in the science faculty of a French university. Although I had intended my move to France to be a permanent one, I moved back to the UK in 2011.  I had had good experiences in France, including setting up and directing a choir, and had made some good friends, but found in retirement that I was missing British ways of thinking and doing things. This blog is intended to share some of the things I get up to now, especially where they give me the opportunity to take photographs.

Two cats live with me, Bella (who is French):P1100756

and Tilly, a sad, emotionally damaged stray.2019-11-18 800 pixels

She joined our household after I lost Lulu (Luciole, ‘firefly’ in French), killed on the road in March 2019. Here’s Lulu, such a sweet-natured cat. I miss her a lot.P1100652

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  1. Cesar Lardies said:

    Quite the entertaining naturalist blog. I particularly enjoyed your shapwick heath post. Probably follow 😉

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