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I’d long wanted to visit the nature centre, Aigas, in Beauly, Inverness-shire, founded and run by the wonderful naturalist/author John Lister-Kaye.  And I’d recently upgraded my camera from a compact bridge to a superzoom bridge, and absolutely loved and still love it. So when I saw there was to be a week-long photography course held there, for all levels, I jumped at the chance.

Well, leaving aside the fact that Easyjet wouldn’t let me board the flight from Bristol to Inverness without photo identity so I lost a day, it wasn’t the right course for me, since everyone else had very, very, very superior equipment to mine. Also there was too much emphasis on Photoshopping for my liking, taking pictures way beyond the natural (call me old-fashioned).  I should have realised that, with such eminent wildlife and landscape photographer leaders, it wasn’t really going to be for all comers.

That said, I really enjoyed my stay there, in a wonderful setting and lovely accommodation, and warm hospitality. With a lot of time to spend thinking of nothing but photography, I think I took some of my very best pictures.  Here are some of them, in a slideshow. (You may have to wait for a few seconds to see them.)

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