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Thanks to our wonderful boatman, Manuel, and his mates, we spent an hour with Maxime this afternoon, Wednesday 23rd September.  If you’d asked me, I’d have said 20-30 minutes, but my camera clock tells me otherwise.

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We felt the odd spot of rain and heard the odd distant rumble of thunder.  When it came the rain was brief, but very hard.  It passed as quickly as it had arrived, and we wandered around a little longer in the boat, thankful for a somewhat cooler temperature.

Yes, I'd have said 'Kingfisher' too...

Yes, I’d have said ‘Kingfisher’ too…

... but it's a jacamar, a rufous-tailed jacamar

… but it’s a jacamar, a rufous-tailed jacamar

Capuchin monkey

Capuchin monkey

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Black-capped capuchin monkey, to be precise

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This afternoon's Capybara

This afternoon’s Capybara



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