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USA 2018 (11), What a beautiful ride! Little commentary necessary for this magic afternoon.  I’m still in the seat next to the driver.(And since publishing the last post, I have discovered how to eliminate the blue effect of the smoky windscreen glass, although it does leave a slight distortion of colour towards brown.) Our first stop was at Gibbon Falls.P1290930001 P1290933001



Just to prove I haven’t made up this whole extraordinary adventure


The walk back to the vans

Our road continued.P1290957001P1290962001P1290969001 The amateur geologist in me was fascinated by the yellow stone (er… Yellowstone?) through which we were driving.P1290973001P1290974001P1290975001


Golden Gate


(My battery ran out!)

I have since discovered that the yellow stone is a thick layer of tuff thrown out 2.1 million years ago from one of the huge (Krakatoa was hundreds of times smaller) volcanic explosions, and it’s called Huckleberry Ridge Tuff.


What’s this? Mule deer!P1300022001P1300025001


What is it about an animal with snow on its nose?

It was about his time that we learned that Drew and Jeremy had been keeping something from us that had been worrying them for two whole days. We were (relatively) fast approachingP1300035001 a spot called Mammoth Hot Springs. The road onward to Cooke City, where we were to spend the next two nights, had been blocked for two days…