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Continuing our discovery of Glastonbury’s alternative lifestyle shops, a little further up is Moon Mirrors,030.P1170469 031.P1170560 032.P1170562and The Mystic Garden.034.P1170472 034a.P1170553On either side of the High Street are several alleys, reflecting the mediaeval layout of the town centre.  Some of these have totally disappeared, but some of them are still delightful to explore.  The Gauntlet is a very recent exploitation of the original layout, in that the developer not only beautifully restored buildings on either side of the alley, creating shops and accommodation, but extended it further with more housing.  Come and visit these byways yourself…035.P1170473 036.P1170545Continuing up the High Street, we come to Yinyang.038.P1170547 039.P1170548 040a.P1170550Glastonbury High street does have a few conventional shops, such as this flower shop, the name of which nevertheless has an Avalonian influence,041.P1170476and the wonderful Burns the Bread, award winning baker. It’s very difficult to pass without just popping in for a pastry. I joined a behind-the-scenes tour of the bakery with the Glastonbury Conservation Society a year or so back.  It was Bob Burns himself who guided us.  What a wonderful name, enabling a good old-fashioned English pun for the name of the shop! (It was only a few miles from here, at Athelney, that King Alfred – if he did – burnt the cakes.)042.P1170478Then we come to a shop focused on Africa,043.P1170479 044.P1170543followed by The Goddess and the Green Man,045.P1170480a shop selling imported Indian goods, dilliway and dilliway,046.P1170483 046a.P1170538and Lilith.047.P1170484_modifié-1 047a.P1170540 047b.P1170541Here’s another bookshop048.P1170485and Covenstead’s Curious Cottage, opened recently, in the place of a failed newspaper shop.  (Two years ago we had three of these, now we have just one.)049.P1170487 051.P1170517Perhaps you seek Enlightenment?053.P1170489 054.P1170522Are you a Natural Earthling?055.P1170491 056.P1170520Or perhaps you’d like to try Soul Therapy Meditation.057.P1170492(To be concluded tomorrow.)