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Saturday 2nd March. There was no wifi in our rooms at the Mahangu Lodge, only in the bar/dining area. And breakfast was not until 7 a.m. But I discovered that they served coffee from shortly after 6 a.m. there.

This morning, we went for a game drive in the Mahango Game Park. It was reasonably cool to begin with.

As I’ve said, there is elephant dung everywhere. Here are dung beetles making the most of the fact that a vehicle has already processed some.
Warthogs, youngster kneeling to feed.
Roan antelope
Warthog family
Seeing this just makes me long to be back there.
Purple-banded sunbirds
Kalahari tented tortoise
Jacobin cuckoo
Pearl-spotted owlet
Grey hornbill
Our starling is beautiful when you really look at it. Africa’s starlings don’t need any study to show the same quality. Long-tailed starling.
Red-billed spurfowl
Burchell’s glossy starling
Broad-billed roller
Blue waxbill
Wattled cranes (‘uncommon resident’) – very far off
It was getting hot now. Paddling with these Southern reedbuck would have been very welcome!
Frustrating not to be able to capture the image of this vervet monkey more precisely, but…
… there were some of his companions across the way
African fish-eagle
Nile crocodile
Southern reedbuck
Red lechwe
Baobab tree
Chacma baboons
Carmine bee-eater

We had been out for four hours, and were ready for our lunch.